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Incise drapes are thin plastic drapes with an adhesive coating on one side. The drape is applied to the surgical site and the incision made through the drape. The drape provides a sterile field and the adhesive prevents skin microbes from entering the incision. Adhesives may be impregnated with antimicrobial solution.

Vet. Surgical Resources offers 3M incise drapes in several sizes with antimicrobial solution. 3M antimicrobial incise drapes are marketed under the Ioban 2™ brand. Instructions for incise drape use are included below.

Overall AreaAdhesive Area (in.)Adhesive area (cm)Ioban3M Number
34" X 33"23" X 33"60 X 8531066651EZ
24" X 13"13" X 13"35 X 3531126640EZ
23" X 23"60 X 6031226648EZ
34" X 17"23" X 17"60 X 4531166650EZ
8" X 7.875"3.875" X 7.875"10 X 206635

Instructions for incise drape use

Disinfect the operative site according to the health care facility policy and allow the prepped skin to dry. Hold the drape with the printing on the handle facing up, and separate the printed handle from the white handle. Position hands at the outer edges of the handles for best results.
IOBAN Instructions
1. 3M Website, Resources Available locally here

Ioban and Steri-Drape are trademarks of 3M Healthcare

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