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About the ANSI/AAMI PB70:2003 Standard and Classification System

This standard establishes a system of classification for protective apparel and drapes used in health care facilities based on their liquid barrier performance and specifies related labeling requirements and standardized test methods for determining compliance. By specifying a consistent basis for testing and labeling protective apparel and drapes and providing a common understanding of barrier properties (e.g., efficacy against liquid or liquid-borne microorganism penetration) based on this new classification system, the standard is intended to ultimately assist end-users in determining the type(s) of protective product most appropriate for a particular task or situation.1

The AAMI PB70 standard defines four levels of classification that are based on standard tests to define a drape or gowns' barrier performance. The following table summarizes the test involved for each level of classification.

AAMI LevelTest Name
AATC 127
AATC 127
4ASTM F1670 (Drapes)
ASTM F1671 (Gowns)

Source: Suzanne Pear, The AAMI Protective Barrier Standard, Managing Infection Control. November 2006. Available online at

Levels 1 through 3 have different require different ranges for the tests listed. Level 4 test results are designated pass or fail.

Barrier properties increase with each level.

Summary of Test

Details of each test may be found by following links below the summary to the appropriate standard organization.

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AAMI PB70 Classification System
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