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Product Catalog - Sterilization Wrap and Pouches

Sterilization Wrap

Sterilization wrap is used in the sterilization of instruments, kits, and devices for patient care. Dextex™ wrap is compatible with steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma irradiation sterilization processes. Wrap is designed for single use and should be inspected prior to use. Wrap is available in Dextex. 45" wrap is available in SMS.

Size (in.)Size (cm)Sheets/pkg.Product No.
12" X 12"30 X 30503170
20" X 20"51 X 51503176
24" X 24"61 X 61503180
30" X 30"76 X 76503184
36" X 36"91 X 91253185
45" X 45"114 X 114253190

Sterilization Pouches

Paper self-sealing pouches with chevron opening and steam and ethylene oxide sterilization indicators. Pouch is constructed of heavy medical grade paper backing and blue tinted plastic front. Suitable for EO sterilization and autoclaving.

Size (in.)Size (cm)Pouches/pkg.Product No.
2.25" X 5.25"6 X 132003300
3.5" X 10"9 X 252003305
3.5" X 6.5"9 X 172003315
5.25" X 11"13 X 282003320
7.5" X 13"19 X 331003325
12" X 15"30 X 381003330

Dextex is a trademark of Ahlstrom Corporation

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