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Product No. 2125
29" (74 cm) lightweight plastic sleeve with elastic top. Locks to all fingers. Includes tape to seal sleeve to surgeon's glove. Sterile. (1 pair/pkg).

Surgeon's caps

Surgeon's cap Product No. 2130
Blue surgeon's cap with ties. Non-sterile. (100/bx).

Surgeon's mask

Product No. 2135
Fog free surgeon's mask with ties. Latex free with polypropylene outer liner and cellulose inner liner. Non-sterile. (50/bx).

Surgeon's beard cover

Product No. 2140
White beard cover with elastic head band. Non-sterile. (100/bx).

Surgeon's hood

Surgeon's hood Product No. 2145
Blue surgeon's hood/beard cover with ties. SMS material. Non-sterile. (50/bx).

Bouffant caps

Bouffant cap Product No. 2150
21 in. (53 cm) blue bouffant caps. Spunbonded material. Non-sterile. (100/bx).

Shoe covers

Shoe cover Product No. 2155
Universal size blue shoe cover. Non-skid sole. Non-sterile. (50 pair/bx).

Boot cover Product No. 2160
High-top shoe cover. White Tyvek with non-skid sole. Non-sterile. (25 pair/bx).
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